"Love is Why"

There is only one answer to explain the reason for Jesus: Love is Why!

While love may the fulfilling of the law, grace is the fulfillment of love because God so loved that He gave... Love found its greatest fulfillment and satisfaction in the giving and appearing of Jesus for He is the fulfillment of Love.

There has been too predominant a message that presents Jesus and the cross to be more about sin and less about love. Although the taking away of the sins of the world was an important achievement of the cross, this was not the motivating force behind it. Love and grace pre-date sin and death, and so Jesus came to give us an understanding that God so loved His own image and likeness that it became Him to enter into our world of sin and death to demonstrate that love prevails over all things. In other words, when searching for the reason for Jesus, the gospel, the cross, and the message of grace, Love is "why"-the only answer "for God so loved the world that he gave..."

Love has prevailed; love has gotten the victory; love has won; love is above all things; love has more than conquered; love has turned us from darkness to light, from blind to seeing, from deaf to hearing, from lost to found, from fallen to risen, from the walking dead to the living resurrection, from sin to righteousness, from striving to resting, from sick to whole, and Love has made that which appeared distant to be close and one with us. "Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called and identified by name as sons (daughters) of God."

Spoken directly from the heart of God, Jeff Pate unveils the revelation of love with passionate exhortations and unquestionable truth that is only by Jesus Christ.

Read Foreword written by Francois Du Toit

Reader Reviews of Love is Why

Wow! This is an amazing book, full of revelations from start to finish on the love of God. Each chapter is like a little treasure found along the way that reminds us that our origin, history and destiny are in Jesus Christ while discovering that we are one with God and that all this is because He is Love. In this book you will find that the most accurate answer to all your questions about God is: Love is why. I highly recommend this book, Jeff Pate did an amazing job portraying in these pages the inexhaustible love of God for us perfectly expressed in Jesus Christ made flesh

–Ricardo García Reyes

A few years ago my prayers usually began, "God, are you out there, up there or in here somewhere?" I felt distanced, unworthy and insignificant due to lifelong religious teachings (lies). The truth is I was afraid of God. Hearing the gospel of Christ and understanding who He is changed my life. I'm so grateful for the truth that set me free from traditional beliefs and opened my heart to receive Him. What I realized was exactly what Jeff Pate has been teaching: “But God who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, even when we were dead in sins, has made us alive together with Christ, by grace you are saved.--Ephesians 2:4-5

"The resurrection is living proof that the cross was a success. Love won over fear, life won over death, grace won over law, belonging won over lost, sight won over blindness, righteousness won over sin, and "I am" won over "do". "
My view and opinion of God (and myself) changed.... Love is why!

—Eva Thacker Michelsen

One of the most life-changing realizations that I have come to is the truth about God’s intentions for and about myself... about all of us. That was and is also the place of difficulty. Difficult because I have had to see morality, love, life, etc. from a totally different perspective: God’s perspective. What I had been taught (doctrine) from as far back in my childhood as I can remember was shaken and completely torn down. Thoughts saying, “You mean no matter what I do God loves me?” came to me over and over (sometimes still does.) Such a change in seeing God not as a brooding master, but as a loving father who cannot be disappointed in me, in us, at all. His love is that great.

Jeff has beautifully brought this together in this book. Showing the truth: “The love of God—the gospel of God's grace—is the thread by which all sound doctrine is woven, and the glue that keeps it together.”

I pray that the love and grace of God, Jesus, will be revealed in your own heart as you openly read and take in the wonderful fragrance of Jesus and His finished work for yourself. 

—Gene Michelsen

Growing up in the Church I felt so much disconnect from the God that was being preached from the pulpit than the One who was continually encountering me. There was always this vast space that I saw being presented between God and I. It was never about what Christ has accomplished or about our tremendous value in just being. In the Godhead many believe that there is this great struggle between the Father's wrath and the Son's mercy. Somehow 2 Corinthians 5:19 “that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself” has been missed by most people, that in the Holy Trinity there is no separation and better yet through Divine love there is no separation between Man and creation.

What I would have given to have been blessed by Jeff's book all those years ago! Jeff paints such a clear picture of the Why and the How! There is a line in this book that I totally love, "God is not demanding a paternity test for you to see if you are His." I mean wow! I highly recommend Love is Why as a book saturated with the Good News and which its origin comes straight from the Father's heart.

— Joel Quinones

Love is why - a book about love written by a man obsessed with the topic. But why is Jeff so obsessed with the topic of love? I had the privilege of spending a few days with Jeff and hearing part of his life story. As a ex law enforcement officer, he has seen the worst side of humanity on many occasions … and as so many, he had the opportunity to allow these experiences to form his philosophy of life. But another voice reached his ears and captivated His heart, a voice that was more authentic than his own experiences - the voice of love Himself. The love Jeff speaks about is not some academic description of a fuzzy feeling we get - it is a love that was demonstrated in the most extreme circumstances. Enjoy the book and discover the extravagant actions of love.

Andre Rabe, author of Imagine and Metanoia

Love to a human being is like water to a fish. Without knowing absolute love for who we are, we flounder and act in a the most inhumane manner, yet when we know and experience love, our full and perfect design as beings made in God's likeness function superbly. Our problems of relational clashes and wars and the almost total disregard for human life that we experience in the world today is not that we are not loved, but in that we are ignorant of the immensity of just how much each one of us is loved and respected for who we are.

The other aspect of us knowing love, is to answer the question 'What does this love look like?' Unless we have a crystal clear sounding voice that brings to our hearts the true meaning of love, we will continue to live as unfulfilled and frustrated beings that are designed to live in the knowledge of an unwavering love of the purest and most intense form.

Jeff Pate's new book 'Love is Why' is going to be highly instrumental in rocking this world and setting it on its feet, because he has tackled both aspects of 'We are loved', and 'The intensity and purity of this Love' in a very clear and distinct manner that is both theological and easy to grasp.

In fact, I would say that this book has Love Himself breathing His own Life within all the chapters, and readers across the globe are in for many life-changing experiences as the revelation of the passionate love of God for them awakens their own hearts, just as in the beginning when the Breath of Love hovered over an Earth that was chaotic and void of life, and as the Word was given to 'let Light be', so the chaos turned to order and New Life began.

Colin Lagerwall, Pastor, Grace Community Church
Newcastle, South Africa

I would like to highly recommend Jeff's latest book "Love Is Why" to each of you who want to know where God is taking the Body of Christ. Jeff speaks out of his heart with great insight about the "why" of God in everything that he does. The "why" of all that the Father fulfills through the Son in the Spirit is simply because of love. Jeff brings fresh insight to familar Scripture and new revelation to passages you may not have considered in the past. The message of pure grace always leads us to love, and in my reading of Love Is Why, I think Jeff is taking us to the next level on our grace journey. I say it is a must read for anyone who wants fresh insight into where God is leading His people. From pure grace to pure love you will enjoy the trip. 

Don Keathley, Pastor, Grace Point Community Church in Houston, TX

I don't know about you but for many years of my Christian life the most frequent prayer I would find myself praying is "Lord, help me love you more." I would live constantly unsure if my love for God was strong enough. I was sincerely trying but a single question remained, "Was it enough?"

In "Love is Why," Jeff takes us on a journey, which rekindles our first love - not our love for God but rather God's love for us! Our love is not a requirement put upon us by God, rather our love is simply a fruit of receiving the Father's absolutely unconditional love.

Jeff is so captured by this revelation of God's love that his book reads like a love story from God to you. Allow it to be so. Don't read this book with a purpose or as an attempt to grow in your love for God. Rather throw all agendas aside as you come to this book and allow yourself to be fully embraced and absolutely accepted by the lover of your soul.

Phil Drysdale - Phil Drysdale Ministries, Aberdeen, Scotland

I am a simple person believing in a loving God. The "Revelation of Jesus Christ", the uncovering of the True Jesus is the simple revealing of how we have been loved, accepted and completed in the heart of our Abba from before the foundation of the world. Jeff has found a way to share how our wonderful Abba has incorporated us, humanity, into his heart from before the foundation of the world. Thank you Jeff for sharing this wonderful Truth in how our God reached out from eternity and loved us and continues to love us with all his heart. Anyone who wants to be touched, encouraged and understand the nature of True Love for their lives should read this book. There is healing in this book. It melted me.

Yossi Polinger

In the pages of "Love Is Why" Jeff Pate has managed to express the love of the Father with profound simplicty of Truth.
He has taken a topic that continues to universally intrigue mankind and made it very personable. “To want to 'become like Jesus' is a denial of God's greatest desire to show expression of His heart and mind, because it is in you and I being 'you and I' that He finds His greatest desire fulfilled." is an astounding truth that this awesome book has brought revelation and light to.
My wife, Mary, and I have had the pleasure of knowing Jeff less than a year. It was very evident from the start that he has a heart for God and for people. We both agree, whole heartedly, with the entire message of "Love Is Why". If you are looking for a simplistic yet profound read that describes Love in poetic and picturesque detail, you have found it!

I personally believe that if God had a birth mark it would look like love, it would look like YOU. Maybe that's what the Apostle John meant when he quoted Jesus in John 13:35, "By this ALL will know that you are my disciples, when you show them My birth mark.

Pastors Randy & Mary Parris
Kingdom Vision Ministries Global

To know God as a Lover begins when the focus from how much we love God, shifts to knowing the depth of His love for us. It is Him who loved us with all His heart and all His soul. “Adam, who told you that you are naked; that I’m not wrapping you with My love; that you’re not good enough for Me?” said Father to Adam; but Adam had lost vision of himself. Reading ‘Love is Why’ we get a revelation of God’s love. It’s not about reading just another book, but about seeing and experiencing a dimension of His love. It’s seeing Love in 3D.

“Elana, I want you to know Me as your Lover,” the Lord said to me one day. He added, “Former generations revealed me as a Deliverer, Healer, but no generation revealed Me as a Lover.”

So I started my journey out of religion to find my own identity. ‘Love is Why’ will take you through this journey of seeing God so you can see yourself. Enjoy your the awakening.

Elana Polinger

Jeff's words are eloquent and effective at conveying understanding for God's heart for people. I enjoyed his teaching bent delivering new dimensions and comprehension of the multi-faceted and expansive love of God. This is a book to share with others. Peel back the layers of religious mush with a simplified version of the goodness of God in "Love is Why".

Denise Capra, Faith Ministries World Outreach Center
Kansas City, MO

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